How I Ranked Page 1 of Google Nationwide in 5 days

How I Ranked Page 1 of Google Nationwide in 5 days

Page One for eCommerce PPC Management in 5 Days

ecommerce ppc management page one rankingGive me my high five yet? Oh cmon’! It was nationwide! :). Well it is safe to officially say, if you spend 2 hours creating an extremely informative 1,200+ word post and

Provide extreme value, Google will thank you, and as a result, rank you.

Of course, there is so much more than just the really good content, it goes far deeper with how you create your content in a Post-Penguin 2.0 world.

Think about the user intent of the keyword your writing about. Do you think that searcher is looking for information, comparisons, a pitch, etc? After identifying what you believe they are searching on, try to cover all aspects of the topic your speaking about. From top to bottom and everything in between.

If you do what you love, your passion will equate to expertise. Your expertise can be portrayed in the creation of your content and it will be felt. Be proud to write about what you do and go above and beyond what others are willing to do.

Give Expert Advice About Your Area of Expertise

We all know secrets, tips, techniques, and all other things that happen in our industry. No matter what industry your in, you should have a wealth of knowledge accrued over the years that many just simply won’t share, are to lazy to share, or don’t see the value in sharing this very valuable information.

Write as if someone was paying you to listen. Offer great information, resources, and differentiate yourself from the status quo.

Go to Google. Type your keyword, see those Related Suggestions down there? Use them! If Google finds it related, it probably is. Touch on the topics they suggest is related, whether the same or different. What’s YOUR opinion on that topic? Why?

Google will reward you for putting in 2 hours building a post that rocks your niches world. Afterwords, share it on your social media channels. Use relevant hashtags to describe your masterpiece.

Don’t Be Stingy and Not Outbound Link

I outbound link like its never going out of style. Why? It provides huge value to my visitors. I notice and would estimate on a daily basis, 80% of “average” websites do not offer authoritative outbound links.

For instance, PPC management has many intricacies, if I was to cover each topic in its entirety, I’d have a 6,000 word blog post that I don’t think many would read from top to bottom, there is always limitations to an attention span. So I link to resources that offer rock solid information so my visitors can learn more about the importance of any specific aspect of the specific topic I happen to be writing about.

I am not worried that they won’t come back, I just gave them a great resource that most of my competitors never link to! Sure its hard to get organic visitors, but they will appreciate your website for giving them the option to learn more about something they’ve identified they’d like to learn about.

Chances are, if you’ve provided some advanced or additional information for something they may just realize your the expert and want you to do all the work.

Embed Relevant Videos + Add Images!

Visual aides are great to support the content you’ve just created. Many people often learn better visually, if this is the case show a flow chart, an image, a pricing table, whatever will provide an easy experience for your user will help you.

I just wrote a new page offering our services to New York City residents as a New York City SEO Company. I recently went on vacation and had the privilege to view the new freedom tower. You can now view that picture on our New York City SEO page. The point is, you probably have many photos that you can utilize on your website that can help people connect with your page.

Youtube Videos are also a great way to allow your visitor to have a good experience on your website. Maybe a quick video clip showing your processes, product in action, etc; will greatly help them understand and visually see your words come to life.

Sharing expert videos with your audience will certainly help you. On a recent post, I shared a Matt Cutts video because he is a subject of Authority on the topic I was writing about and verified my claim with his video.

An Important Note:

There are many factors that come into play when ranking in such a quick time, there are certainly many other aspects however if you constantly follow the above logic in your initiatives you should see good results. I did. Be realistic and write about specific topics.

That’s It!

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By Wilbur Hilton on August 15, 2013

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