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post hummingbird seo companyThe best post hummingbird SEO company will be able to identify how the most recent algorithm shift impacted your website. More importantly, if negatively affected, what can be done to turn around the ship.

Furthermore, creating a comprehensive post hummingbird SEO strategy moving forward to reduce the risks of getting penalized with future updates is critical.

Despite these major changes to the algorithm, Google’s goals will unlikely change. In fact, it is a wise assumption that most algorithm changes like Hummingbird will be made to get Google closer to its ultimate goal of providing the best possible user experience.

What the Post Hummingbird SEO Update Means

It is widely accepted that Google’s latest Hummingbird SEO update had an impact on 90% of search queries. Yet, the average web surfer saw no difference. Why is this?

First, it was not an algorithm update. It replaced an algorithm with the goal of targeting a users intent on long tail search queries. This showcases the serious nature of this update. With over 90% of search queries being long-tail, it is safe to say this algorithm switch did its job quite well as no one really noticed.

So how do you take advantage of this new algorithm rolled out by Google? Is it still possible to utilize post hummingbird SEO services and outrank your competition? Absolutely.

Scratch keywords. Use concepts and phrases. The days of targeting keywords are over. Content is more important than ever. However, 300 words of heavy keyword density content is not going to work in this day and age. This is why engaging a post hummingbird SEO company is critical to outranking your competition.

A Post Hummingbird SEO Strategy Should be Simple

Elaborating on the ending paragraph above, you must plan the foundation of your content, what will be a main page, supporting pages, etc. You do not want to write about the same exact keyword, as your own pages will be competing for a favorable SERP result. This is not a good post hummingbird SEO hummingbird seo content strategy

Sure, there may be minimal content overlap, but it should not abundantly clear.

Your support pages post hummingbird should have topics pertaining to educating visitors, breaking news in your industry, information on your company and how it pertains to that specific topic, etc. Linking is important. Both inner page linking and outbound authority linking. Sharing all these posts with your following on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, & Linkedin is a great way to increase your social signals, which are very important in this day and age.

Links still matter. Quality over quantity. Are you doing manual outreach to authoritative sources in your industry to provide your expertise on your given topic of expertise? We do for all of our clients. This allows you to obtain high quality links your competitors dream of getting. There are many other linking methods we use depending on your industry. By following this methodology, your Hummingbird SEO strategy will be on track to deliver top tier results.

Hummingbird SEO Tips – Longevity over Speed.

Follow all the hummingbird SEO tips listed above and you will create a foundation that is built to last. The last thing you want to do is try to “game the system”. Google is getting smarter by the day, do not try to out wit them. If you do, you will end up paying the price.

SEO has changed significantly in 2013, and it will likely continue to evolve. Care about your visitors more than your links. Do whatever you can to provide the best possible experience for your visitor. This is Google’s ultimate goal. If you follow this method of thinking you are going down the correct path.

Taking a shortcut, just to get some quick rankings is not a viable business model. Lastly, you do not want to harm your brand and prevent it from ranking in the future. Penalties can be extremely costly to fix, so try to avoid them at all costs.

Give your visitors the best possible user experience while following the hummingbird SEO tips and you will position your organization for success.

Learning about Hummingbird was like going to high school all over again.  We had to take online courses from www american high shool . net and it was like a whole new education.

How to Choose a Post Hummingbird SEO Company – Results!

Our post hummingbird SEO company focuses on quality for one reason. Our proven case studies can be viewed with the date in the top right. 50% of our SEO case studies is a result of our post hummingbird SEO services which proves that the methodologies we implement work. More importantly, is the fact that 0% of our clients were impacted by the new algorithm implementation known as Hummingbird.

By Wilbur Hilton on January 8, 2014

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