Cheap SEO Services - While Failure is Inevitable |

Cheap SEO Services – Why Failure is Inevitable

Cheap SEO Services - A Real Story

Cheap SEO services should no longer exist. Sure, a few years ago you could get away with hundreds to thousands of cheap auto-approve links to rank your website. Those days are long over.

I am taking the time to write this post to caution any business owner who is thinking that they can successfully outrank their competiton by using a cheap SEO company. SEO companies are not created equal.

Searching for cheap SEO services is a sure way to get in front of SEO providers who are likely using automated software or an offshore team to build links.

The very exact archaic & poisonous work that can get your website eliminated from Google searches along with a long-term penalty attached to your brands website.

A Real Look What Happens with Cheap SEO Services

Don't take my word for it. See this very example. I omitted the company name because he is still in contact with us to this day regarding what should be done with his website that has deteriorated.

We sent a proposal in the beginning of January and just take a look at what happened when a cheap SEO company was chosen.

See that lovely downtrend? Organic visitors have dropped to nearly 0.

The sad part is, this client chose another company to save a few hundred dollars each month!! Hindsight is 20/20 but you can prevent this happening to your website.

The effect?

  • Hundreds of laser targeted prospects lost.
  • This client paid a company to hurt his business.
  • This damage is extremely hard to "reverse"

Do you want to end up tarnishing your website's potential over a few hundred dollars a month? Sure, businesses must keep a close eye on expenses, however SEO, is an investment that can turn your website into an actual asset when done correctly.

How to Prevent this from Occuring

Find a company that shows their proven results on their website. We're proud of our results because we reduce profitability intentionally to ensure clients are getting post-penguin 2.0 SEO services that work. Our core belief is that reducing our profit and achieving favorable results & ROI for our clients allow them to expand their campaign, give references, and have a pleasant experience with our organization.

Does the SEO company rank for anything other than cheap SEO services? If not, run. If so, monitor them for a few months. Just like in the example above, the client seems to be doing well in January, until they engaged cheap SEO services and been on a downward trend ever since. Now, they're website is basically worthless and not obtaining the leads they use to.

Is the cheap SEO services based in America? Probably not. And if they are, ask them to see a rank report. Are you getting high quality content on Web 2.0s that are constantly updated? That provide true value to someone who stumbles upon it? Are they so proud of their links that they are sharing them with your social media audience?

Who's going to handle your cheap SEO services? An SEO expert? I highly doubt that. More realistic is an entry level employee. How can they afford to pay an SEO expert (going rate of about $50.00 per hour minimum) to oversee your account? Well, you could be one of 100 accounts assigned to them. Not sure if you'd want that kind of "personal" service. I am unaware of any industry experts charging less than $1,000 a month on any decent sized campaign.

Scratch the Idea of Cheap SEO Services. It Simply Doesn't Work.

Are you serious about your business? The last thing you want is for your website to look like the example above. Trust me.

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By Wilbur Hilton on August 27, 2013

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