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Fort Lauderdale web designFort Lauderdale web design company that offers modern designs that function to increase engagement which leads to an increase of leads and sales. No business wants to spend money where it does not have to. This is especially true if, when you first launched your website, you paid someone to put it together for you. Now you are being told you have to pay someone AGAIN.

Even though you would have no problem finding a Ft. Lauderdale web design company, you do not want to have to hire one if you do not have to. But the fact is that, even over just this past year, things that affect your web site have changed.

Back when you first launched your website, how big a deal were things like social media and mobile devices? Did you ever discuss things like responsiveness and SEO with your designer? Do you even know what these things mean? Did you just hire someone and let the project go on autopilot? Well, that just is not an option anymore.

In this world of social media users are literally connected to the Internet via computer or mobile device 24 hours a day. It is important that your site not only represent your brand but also represent YOU in a way that will get the attention necessary to collect leads, contacts and sales.  Do you need to know how you can tell if it's time to upgrade your presence on the web? We're local to Fort Lauderdale, FL & would be glad to meet you!

Best Practices for a Search Engine Marketing Agency can be Simple?

When you talk to a search engine marketing agency, the process may seem complicated. Yes, they will give you a list of possible tools, reports, and basic expectations that are generally reasonable in today’s system. But they may also use a lot of SEM lingo that can be hard to understand for the everyday business person just looking to expand their reach.

Some things are fairly easy to understand, but not necessarily to utilize. For example, finding the right keywords comes with seemingly easy rules. But the reports that you receive may not be as simple. A lot of things are also easier to understand in theory than actual practice, especially when you hire our team at No Risk SEO.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services will use the Right Keywords

It used to be that anybody could use Google tools to find and isolate the best keywords. Now you have to pay for a whole package to get access to just one tool. But search engine marketing services can provide you with access to all of that information.

Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami, and West Palm Beach SEOThe trick with Google is that you want to use keywords that are competitive enough to drive traffic to your site, but not so competitive that you can’t rise to the top of the search. So let’s say that you are running a construction company with locations all over Texas, but you are headquartered in Dallas.

Something like construction services or cement services may be popular search terms. But you will want to consider what services you actually provide. If only some of your locations offer cement services, you may want to be cautious about using any related keywords. If you offer everything, “construction services” may be the perfect keyword to start out with.

Once you have determined what your best keyword is, make sure that you include a location. Yes, you are all over Texas, but you need to specify for certain cities, not just the state. So start with Dallas and work your way down. Buyers often include their city and even if they don’t, Google picks up on their location using GPS services.

If you offer specific construction services such as cement, flooring, bathroom installation, etc, you can include these keywords in a longer list of keywords in your content and any tagging that you may do. Keep in mind that for these more specific services, because there is less competition, your placement may be naturally higher.

Internet Marketing Focuses on the Right Traffic

For a search engine marketing agency, the idea isn’t just to get you more traffic, we want quality traffic. Do you run a mom and pop bakery that specializes in designer cakes? Do you have enough skilled decorators to keep up with a higher demand? Especially if your business requires more specific skills, you may want to prepare beforehand or limit your traffic flow.

In addition, you don’t want low-quality leads that don’t translate into more sales. You definitely don’t want calls from readers who will only waste your staff’s time. If you are always dealing with the curious caller who doesn’t buy, you won’t necessarily have the energy to provide top not service for quality leads.

In addition, if you are running a PPC campaign, you will find that you have to pay for every click, whether or not they actually buy. Keywords and other efforts have to be specialized and isolated. One of the biggest issues businesses face with SEM is keywords that are actually hurting them. It can lead to problems such as:

  • Wasted employee time
  • Fatigue from dealing with a higher volume that does not translate into more sales
  • Customers who expect you to offer services or products that you do not have
  • Potential customers who are looking for other services and may be upset when they find out that you do not have what they want
  • Any customer can potentially go viral with bad feedback, deserved or not

How do you avoid this? Work with a great SEM expert who understands your business’ needs. For more information and help, get in touch with us today!

Three Signs you Need a Fort Lauderdale Web Design Company

Your site is difficult to navigate.

Contrary to popular opinion, your website does not have to be flashy to be effective. Yes, you want it to look clean and modern. You want it to provide content that is relevant and you definitely want it to have a good degree of curb appeal.

What many business owners resort to, in an effort to avoid an entire revamping of their site, is fill in with some neat graphics, maybe a little flash animation here, a few more graphics there... before you know it, your site is a total mess. People cannot find where to click to get on your e-mail list. They cannot find product descriptions. You've hidden your contact information so deep they cannot even call or sent you an email!

Worst of all, your site is so bogged down with “stuff” that it's become sluggish and unreliable. A good web design Fort Lauderdale company can help get rid of all the filler and build you a site that does what it's supposed to do: generate sales and leads by providing the best possible user experience for your visitors.

The site is dated.

Every company knows that, from time to time, a change in the look and feel of the brand is necessary to appeal to a new crop of potential customers. If you hired someone to build your site in 2004, it will not appeal to a 2013 audience. Ask yourself, “How long can I survive catering only to my current base of leads and customers?” The truth of the matter is that you will not be drawing in very much new business if your site is not taking advantage of trends in social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and responsiveness.

A reputable Fort Lauderdale website design company can rebuild your site to address and satisfy all of these issues. They can get your site to rank high on search engines, build a presence around your brand that takes full advantage of social media trends, and design a site that is responsive on any modern computer, laptop or mobile device.

Your Site Just Does Not Convert.

Why did I choose 2004 in the above example? Well, around that time is when sites like MySpace and YouTube were starting to gain popularity. The roots of social media go further back than that but the culture of social media started changing drastically around that time.

Getting laser targeted visitors to your new website is important. is also one of top ranked SEO fort lauderdale companies!

Today, social media has woven its way into the very fabric of our Internet experience and that means that e-commerce needs to take advantage of these trends. A site that does not will never see a significant conversion rate and will eventually do more harm to your business than good.

It all boils down to using a good Fort Lauderdale web design firm that knows the demographics of the area. Ft. Lauderdale is a huge market and the way your brand is represented online matters now more than ever. If your site is showing signs of wear, it's time to upgrade.


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