How to Increase Conversion Rates on Websites by 60.1% | Case Study

How to Increase Conversion Rates on Websites

How to Increase Conversion Rates on WebsitesThis article is primarily meant for lead generation websites and will explain how to increase conversion rates on websites also known as conversion rate optimization.

Learning different ways to keep your conversions rate sky high is critical to either becoming successful online, or increasing the success of your website. I personally feel that SEOs should spend more time focusing on this critical aspect of internet marketing.

Our client was receiving over 200 leads per month from the traffic we generated for him by ranking for some heavy converting keywords. However, we never stop at "Hey look, your traffic went up, aren't you proud of us?". We wanted more conversions. We proudly increased leads from 221 to 354. An astonishing 60.18% increase. Goal conversion rate increase went up 24.7%!

So, learning how to increase conversion rates on websites may be easier than you think. First, put yourself in your customers shoes. If you honestly can't swallow your pride, get someone who will be brutally honest with you.

Ask yourself (or your buddy) the following questions:

  1. Do I tell my customers why they should fill out my form?
  2. Is my offer competitive or better than my competitors?
  3. Is the main reason I should be chosen prominently displayed?
  4. Do I have trust symbols? (i.e- Industry awards, BBB rating, Chamber of Commerce, etc; clearly visible)
  5. Where is my form located?
  6. How long is my form?
  7. Do I tell my customer/prospect why they should fill out the form?
  8. Do you have a standard and ugly "Submit" button?
  9. Is my phone number prominently displayed?

How We Increased Our Client's Conversion Rate by 60.18%

Our customer has a traditional business where they get a lead and try to sell them their product. We immediately realized that our customer was trying to get too much information from the consumer.

Think about it, how annoying is it when you have to fill out around 8 fields to request a quote. After advising our client of this change, and how we were confident it would increase conversions they gave us the green light.

The following fields were removed from the lead capture form to increase the conversions on our clients website.

  • First Name & Last Name (Combined into one field. Name:) [Removed 1 Box)Ways I Increased Conversions On Websites
  • Address (Wasn't necessary. Sales guy could easily obtain this information over the phone). [Removed 3 Boxes]
  • Message (Was required. Made this optional). [Removed 0 Boxes]
  • Product Interested In (Wasn't necessary. Sales guy could easily obtain this information). [Removed 1 Box]

The following changes were made to the appearance of the form.

  • Changed Button. (We hate grey submit buttons. User wanted a get a quote, not to "submit" information) [Stylish button which told the customer what would happen when they clicked the button. Changed to: Get Quote.]
  • Call to Action Mod. (Client had Get a Free Estimate [usually costs money in this industry] in the content if they contacted him via the form. It was not indicated on the form though! Headline of form changed, Get a Free Estimate.

More Ways to Increase Conversion Rates on Websites

There are certainly more ways  on how to increase conversion rates on websites out on the net. However, these were the actions we took to successfully increase the conversion rate on our clients website. We have many more ways to help increase conversions that we will discuss in a future blog post. While you may have been aware of these conversions methods to utilize on your website, all of them utilized together was quite the winning combo.

Google Adwords Training Classes to Improve Conversions

Another way you can increase conversion rates on your website is by getting the right type of traffic. If you are running a PPC campaign, it may need improvements. For this reason, I would strongly recommend online google adwords training from a certified instructor. Google adwords training classes are not created equal, ideally you want someone who has recognition in the industry. Preferably getting shortlisted in the US Search Awards, a Google All-Star partner, etc. Google adwords training doesn't have to be difficult if you can find the aforementioned recognized instructor. Taking your campaign to the next level without hiring a costly agency can be done. Just find a course from a reputable instructor like on Udemy, this one should do the trick.

Special thanks to AJ Kohn @ The Blind Five Year Old for some great tips on formatting this blog post!

By Wilbur Hilton on October 21, 2012

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