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Hotel SEO & MarketingDo you have a hospitality website and need hotel SEO services? Can you find it in the search engines?

Not more than 10 out of countless hoteliers can boast their standing on the first page of major search engines.

This ranking can have a tremendous effect on the revenues and profitability of these hotels.

As statistics indicate, 75+ percent of the travelers use the internet to find a hotel and make their reservations; and 75 percent of these searchers never go beyond the first page of the search results.

This is the reason climbing on the top of search engine ranks is extremely important for the growth and success of your hospitality business. With our competitive hotel search engine optimization services, we can help you reserve the top spot.

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Do you know the three keys to success when it comes to your hotel SEO campaign?

When you are trying to construct the perfect hotel SEO campaign, do you know to ensure that it is successful? Many people may assume that SEO is equal to keywords and no more. However, that is not true. These are the same people that believe that you can receive a higher ranking on the search results page by stuffing these keywords throughout their web pages on their site. This again is not true. With the release of Google’s new algorithm, Hummingbird, a great SEO campaign goes much farther than stuffing as many keywords as possible on your web pages. Your website is the key to your success in the hotel industry, especially with as much competition as you face on a daily basis. A successful SEO campaign for your hotel depends on the perfect keywords that are integrated into amazing content. Are you unsure of how to get started on creating a successful SEO campaign for your hotel’s website? By hiring a No Risk SEO specialist, they can help you implement a strategic and successful SEO strategy that will help you measure up to the competition. Their specialists know that there are three key areas to focus on to have an outstanding SEO campaign. These three areas are ensuring that you have built great site usability, have outstanding as well as relevant content, and your site is a trusted authority to visitors.

How can you be sure that the architecture of your site has your visitors’ usability in mind?

Did you know that the architecture of your site is the foundation of your SEO campaign? You have to have a user-friendly website to allow your visitors to achieve what they want so that you can then receive what you want-paying customers. Before you can attempt to link build or integrate solid and relevant content, you will need to focus on the architecture of your site. Why is this? If you send visitors to your site and they cannot use your site, they will leave and go elsewhere, what will you have accomplished? You will have spent time on relevant content and building links but will have no customers to show for all of your hard work. Therefore, you need to focus on your site speed, your file naming as well as structure, server errors, and canonicalization. First, your site speed has a lot to do with your SEO campaign. Visitors will not stay on your website if it is not fast enough. Google will even rank your site depending on how fast it loads. You will also want to make sure that your site loads quickly on mobile devices as well to ensure a great ranking for your website. You will want to make sure that your files on your website are named correctly and in the correct locations. If you have a photo of your hotel, do not leave it with the default photo name. Instead, change it to include the name of your hotel. You can also change the URL to include the name of your hotel as well. This way, you can also include keywords in your URL without being overbearing. Canonicalization simply means duplicate content. You want to make sure that you do not have two or more pages with basically the same content. It won’t help you in the rankings, and it will make you seem unfocused. Lastly, you will want to make sure that you do not have server errors. This will anger visitors and chances are they will not return. These server errors can include 404 errors and 500 errors. Your hotel SEO specialist can help you with these errors and your site structure as well.

When it comes to the content on your site, is it as relevant as it should be?

Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search ResultsContent is the first thing that comes to mind when people think about SEO. Your content is very important not only to your website but also to how the search engine will rank you on the search results page. Your content needs to be relevant to your site visitors. You can ensure that your content is fully optimized for your site by Meta and alt tags, headings as well as body text, and making sure it is interesting. The most important aspect of your content is making sure that your title and description are fully optimized. Meta tags are not the sole key to being ranked well, but it is a great start. At the same time, your alt tags are also important and need to be correctly attached to the images on your site. When it comes to writing the headings of your content, you need to make sure to include your important keywords as well as ensuring that they are labeling your paragraphs correctly. The body text of your content is where your relevant material will be. You will want to only focus on two or three major keywords and write from there. This is where you do not to stuff your keywords. You will also want to keep the body text interesting. When you contact an SEO specialist, they can make sure that your content is relevant and interesting to your hotel so that you can increase your number of site visitors.

Did you know that your hotel’s website authority is based on the relationships that you build?

The best way to get your customers to trust you, your word, and your hotel are to build relationships on the internet. The best way to do this is to link build and to jump into the social network pool. By link building, you can have a trusted website attach the link to your website on one of their web pages. The search engines will accept you as having a trusted site when you do this. However, you will need to make sure that you do not link to a lower quality website as that will reflect on your website. Social networking will be very important to the success of your hotel. Social media is the best way to have your hotel shared among potential customers. You can try Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Each network will have a different type of customer that you may be interested in.

Reach New Heights of Hospitality Marketing via SEO

Due to the increasing trend of online booking and reservations, hospitality industry has become extremely competitive. We help you stand out of the crowd by offering hotel search engine optimization that covers every aspect of hospitality marketing.

Here is an overview of how our hotel SEO services may help you.

  • Expanded Outreach - We help you ascend the top spot and not just on one specific search engine. We help your hotel get a more prominent place in almost all the search engines including Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc. Yet, that is not where it ends. We work closely with major travel review websites to help you get more raving reviews and better visibility.
  • Review & Revamp - While we help you expand your current presence, we also review your current website and online marketing strategies in order to spot any search engine red flags that may affect your rankings. From web design to social media campaigns, we suggest improvements that make visible differences.
  • Targeted content – We help you identify strong keywords that can convert your current content into a more targeted one. Also, we help you generate new content that offers value to your intended demographic and in-turn facilitates your hospitality marketing endeavors.
  • Powerful Link-building – Our hotel search engine optimization services include powerful link building through our partner sites. We partner with some of the highly visited travel related websites. Relevant backlinks automatically increase the number of qualified leads and in turn your overall website revenue.

So, get ready to lead the competition and call us to discuss your hospitality marketing & hotel SEO requirements with one of our customer-friendly and supportive consultants. Check our proven results (link at top of website) to see the extraordinary increases we're achieving.

Our team of skilled and experienced hotel SEO experts keep in touch with the latest development in search engine algorithms and technology. We will constantly update your hospitality website to comply with the most current requirements so you get the most from our hotel SEO company.

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