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Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Pay Per Click Management:

google adwords ppcPay Per Click management services is a form of advertising in the area above the organic search engine results. These ads are also found to the right of the organic search results. With this type of internet marketing, you are paying per click, regardless of the outcome.

Pay-Per-Click management services allows a business owner to be on the first Page of Google in as quick as a day. Unfortunately, there are many factors that must be analyzed in order to run a highly profitable campaign. This is why many have lost thousands attempting to master Google. adwords.

Below is an image of how Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) appears in the search results.

pay-per-click example

PPC Management Benefits:

When used correctly, Pay Per Click management can be your favorite form of advertising. This is because it can almost instantly increase lead volume! Each time an interested consumer clicks on your advertisement, you are charged for that click whether you obtain a lead or not.

We often recommend Pay Per Click management services for newer websites to generate traffic while SEO is gaining traction. PPC is also a great way to supplement the lead generation from a site which already generated leads.

It is critical that we analyze each click to identify how to maximize the amount of form submissions (leads) that are generated from your managed pay per click campaign. We constantly tweak our clients' account: by creating a custom high converting landing page, eliminating keywords which do not convert, implementing A/B testing, . By doing this, our clients enjoy an instant boost in leads.

What's Included in Our PPC Management Services:

* Keyword Research: Identifying Your Ideal Keywords

* Campaign Creation: Including Geo-Targeting, Ad-Scheduling, & Conversion Code Setup

* Ad-Group Creation: Grouping Each Keyword to Maximize Quality Score

* Ad-Copy Creation (Title & Description): Keyword Rich, Natural, & Catch

* Custom Landing Page: Designed for High Conversions

* Custom Landing Page Content: Keyword Friendly

* Bid Management: Get Leads When You Want

* Monthly Reporting on Impressions, Clicks, & Conversions

Getting Your Pay Per Click Management Campaign Started:

To get your campaign started, please contact us, request a quote (found in top left of page), or call us at: 1.866.374.7945

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