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Search Engine Optimization SpecialistsSEO specialists commonly referred to as a  search engine optimization specialist, is someone who has current in-depth knowledge of how search engines rank websites. More importantly, a specialist is up to date with all the latest algorithms updates.

Everyone knows that search engines send crawlers/bots to the website, the crawlers read the text, checkout the keywords and links, and then report the content back to the search engine where the website is ranked for the relevant keywords.

However, a search engine optimization specialist will tell you that ranking higher is not as easy as including the right keywords and Meta tags, and it requires a lot more than that to win the fight for the first page, let alone the first slot, for relevant keywords.

SEO Specialists that are Post-Penguin & Post-Panda Experienced

Many of our client results we post on our website are post penguin and post panda SEO results.

The SEO industry has to be one of the most ever changing and dynamic industries of the world. Search engine giants are consistently improving their algorithms to the point where they cannot be tricked by unethical SEO practices. A perfect example would be the release of Panda & Penguin by Google. To rank higher, you need to deliver value to the reader.

Content writers are therefore shifting their focus from keywords to actually writing content that is useful for the readers. Similarly, SEO specialists are always looking for new ways to promote such content without crossing any ethical boundaries.

While black hat SEO tactics may get you traffic in the short run, they will also send your website spiraling down the rankings once you are discovered.  A search engine optimization specialist can help you avoid such a fate, and can get you highly convertible traffic.

Our SEO specialists are trend setters in the industry, and are always coming up with new techniques to help improve our clients’ rankings. We keep a close eye on the current and predicted trends in the SEO industry, and always use strategies that keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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