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Maximizing Local SEO in Florida

Maximizing Local SEO in Florida

How can people find you if they don’t even know about you? And not just any people-the right people; locals that live near you and can spread the word about you to their friends and neighbors. “87% of smartphone owners in West Palm Beach, Florida use a search engine at least once a day.”-Inbound Authority Will your business show up in their search results? Learn how to maximize local SEO in Florida and anywhere else in the world by implementing these helpful tips and tricks.

Where in The World Are You?

How can your local target audience find you if there’s nothing on your website or social media that clues them in about where you are? Optimize the home page of your website by clearly stating what you do and where you are. For example, if you are an interior design firm, make sure to include a phrase like “Residential Interior Design in Florida” on your home page. Including it on other pages of your website as well is even more beneficial. Not only will this help people who go to your web page know what you do, but it will also help Google know how to categorize your business and lead people that are searching for “Residential Interior Design in Florida” straight to your website. Here’s an example of an actual Interior Design website, maximizing their local SEO strategy.

Google My Business

Google My Business can help you reach seo goalsNext, sign up for Google My Business. As you can see below, once you are signed up with Google My Business, details about your business are much more accessible to future customers. They can see easily see photos, reviews, and a way to contact you, rather than having to visit your website and search for information. Add as many photos and positive reviews as possible to your listing. Having a system in place for reviews will make asking for reviews easy. Some business owners request an evaluation survey from their customers and add in a review section at the end. Others make sure to ask for reviews in a timely manner after providing a service and showing appreciation for those reviews through a gift or future discount on services. Since Yelp and Google are some of the most trusted reviews around, make sure to list your business on both and then start asking past and current customers for help building your credibility.

Consistency is Key

One key SEO strategy is to stay consistent with your NAP info. NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. List the exact same spelling, formatting, and information in local directory listings and citations. While this can be time-consuming and acquiring time-saving tools may cost you money, it is well worth the investment. Moz Local is one resource that will give you a quick and FREE audit of your status in a few major directories. This is an excellent starting point.

Your contact info, blog posting, social media engagement, branding, etc. should all be consistent across every representation of your business. You want to make sure that everything you do is SEO related in some way. Keywords, hashtags, internal links, and references to your location all need to be happening consistently. Additionally, don’t forget to ALWAYS include a call to action. Whether it’s a post or a button on your website, make sure to get your customers’ attention through a quiz, questionnaire, or something that will inspire them to like, share, or comment on your post or webpage. If you can engage in your business’ SEO strategy daily, that is best. The harder you work on your business now; the more people will be able to find it later and the more successful it will become.

Social Media and Local SEO

internet marketing and local seoAll social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram should clearly point to your location. There should be no doubt from a first-time viewer about what services you provide and where you are located. Add to social media other key SEO tactics like consistent posting, branding, and networking, and you are off to a great start. Using social media in 2019 to promote your business takes effort in the beginning but can create amazing and profitable results in the end. Connect with other businesses in your area and see how you can help each other out. Collaborate on events and giveaways to spread awareness about things going on in your area.

Ask for Help

Since you are an entrepreneur or business owner of some kind, you have probably heard how crucial it is to have a niche. Not everyone can do everything, and they shouldn’t. Businesses run best when they are the expert in one area, and customers want services that they know they can trust. Is figuring out how to maximize your local SEO, not your niche? That’s ok. The most important thing you can do to gain more business is keeping your services up to standard. Don’t let trying to figure out how to code derail you from doing your best work. There is zero shame in outsourcing, and companies like NoRiskSEO are here to help.

Social Media and Local SEO and internet marketing plans

NoRiskSEO specializes in internet marketing. With our free website analysis, we can get to know your company and create a customized internet marketing plan and social media strategy to grow your online presence and increase your traffic. We offer data-driven updates so you can see the effects our SEO tactics are having in real numbers. With our ability to target your local audience through local SEO strategies, we are confident that your increase in leads will turn into an increase in sales. Don’t take the risk of letting your business quality lag in order to try and keep up with online marketing. Let NoRiskSEO take care of your internet marketing needs while you provide services to your new customers.


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