Meet the Management Team -

Meet the Management Team

Jason Hawkins

President & Co-Founder
Jason Hawkins is the President of No Risk SEO Inc. Mr. Hawkins is considered an internet marketing expert with over 7 years of experience in search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation. What does all that mean? An incredible ROI. Mr. Hawkins has personally ranked over 2,500 keywords on Page One of Google in one of the most competitive online markets, life insurance.

Not only did he generate traffic to the tune of 8,000 unique visitors per month, he converted traffic into leads at a staggering rate. Shortly thereafter, both websites were acquired by a national life insurance company. NoRiskSEO was formed in September of 2012.

Leading our team on perfecting processes, brainstorming efforts on recent algorithm changes, conducting case studies on algorithmic testing, and more is part of his daily activities. Creating, directing, & implementing new ways project managers can add further value helps our clients achieve above industry conversion rates on leads or sales.

Simply put, it is his responsibility to ensure clients get the largest bang for their buck. As business owners, we understand that ROI is king and our campaigns reflect our ROI based approach to internet marketing.

George HIlton

Vice President & Co-Founder
George Hilton is the Vice President of No Risk SEO Inc. Mr. Hilton carries over 9 years of internet marketing consulting experience and is regarded as one of the best consultants in the business. His passion for internet marketing cannot be matched and this passion has helped No Risk SEO Inc. grow to what it is today.

Mr. Hilton's primarily focuses on consulting, business development, and training our sales staff. He has a passion for helping business owners squeeze the most out of their marketing dollar.

He has traveled all over the country giving seminars to physicians on the importance of internet marketing. If you want to speak with one of the top internet marketing consultants regarding your goals, challenges, and competition; reach out to George. You'll hear the passion in his voice and utilize his vast experience in creating a customized solution for your needs.


Sergio Fernando

Director of Operations & Shareholder
Mr. Aicardi brings over 4 years of experience to No Risk SEO Inc. Don't let time fool you, his amazing skills in SEO has allowed him to quickly become an expert figure of authority on topics such as SEO, PPC management, Google Analytics, eCommerce, optimizing internal processes and procedures, and more.
His primary duties include heading strategic alliances, partaking in brainstorming efforts, training project managers to drive more value to our customers, perfecting processes and procedures, and more.
Sergio actively holds his Google Analytics certification as well as his Google Adwords certification. He takes pride on analyzing data and only makes decisions based off logic and reasoning, not emotion. He plays a leading role in our company and is a share holder.

Terrance Kern

Director of Sales
Mr. Kern brings energy to No Risk SEO Inc. that no one can match. Terry has over 5 years of experience doing internet marketing sales and he provides valuable insight and data into the competition of our prospects. By showing value, what can be fixed, and what we'll do to address it, Mr. Kern has earned his position as Director of Sales. Training our sales staff on competition analysis is one of his top priorities.
His hard work, dedication, and drive to succeed has propelled his career with our team. Mr. Kern is also a minority share holder.

Steven Spencer

Lead Developer / Programmer
Steven is an extremely talented developer and marketing guru with an abundance of knowledge with mobile application development and optimization.

He uses this skill set to build proper foundations for all SEO campaigns and can write code in his sleep.

Mike Murphy

Senior PPC Strategist
Mike's internet marketing expertise started back in the days of AOL dialup internet, netscape navigator, and Yahoo! search engine domination. He is an expert in PPC, SEO & CRO. He has a strong background in sales, entrepreneurship, customer relations, copywriting, and leadership. He has repeatedly increased ROI on pay per click marketing for both ecommerce and service based businesses. He is able to spot opportunities where others can't and is eager to optimize your paid marketing efforts.

Mike has lived all over the country and has finally settled down in Southern Florida. He is fluent in Spanish, enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, loves snorkeling, camping, and weight lifting.

Chris Wyatt

Marketing Manager
managed both online and offline marketing for a national health insurance broker. Implement both national and local SEO strategy. Strategize a PPC and Pay-Per-Call incoming lead sources across multiple networks. Create internal reports to determine ROI on marketing spend. Setup and maintain affiliate relationships. Manage any and all design, creative and web development projects. When it comes to driving more exposure to a site/brand online Chris can help companies deliver more sales through the online experience while providing key data insights into how to better efforts.

Chris Zboro

Designer & Developer
Chris is developer with over 15 years of programming experience. He is well versed in working with many programming languages such as php, asp, html and more!

Krisztian Hollw

PPC Specialist
Krisztian is a highly qualified marketing analyst with a lot of experience with managing big budget eCommerce SEO and PPC campaigns

Jeremy Katz

Pay Per Click Manager
Jeremy spent the first 20 years of his life in Minnesota before transferring to Arizona State University to obtain his Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Business Communication. He finished college in 3 years with a 3.9 GPA while also working internships and side jobs. After graduating, he stayed in Arizona and became an Inside Sales Rep. for Dish Network. After ranking #1 in close ratio out of over 800 inside sales reps for consecutive months, he was promoted to Outside Sales Manager. Jeremy led a team of 9 individuals to proactively sell Dish at trade shows, in Blockbuster stores and door-to-door.
After realizing TV was not the industry he was passionate about, he spontaneously built a 3rd party excursion business and moved to the Bahamas. Jeremy built a fully functional website where individuals could book everything from swimming with the dolphins to horseback riding adventures on the beach. After living there for about 3 months, his friend passed away in a motorcycle accident and he decided it was time to move back to the states. Jeremy then started a successful "Healthy Food Deliveries" company in Scottsdale where he taught himself digital advertising and Google Adwords. After selling his company, he worked at a few Digital Marketing Agencies learning from some of the most intelligent leaders in the industry.
In 2013, Jeremy earned a job working directly for Google and after excelling in all certifications, moved directly into the Adwords Agency Account Manager position. That year, he was extensively trained on all the Google best practices to get his 31 agencies the best results for their clients advertising on Google. Here is a screen shot showing he managed over $14,000,000 of Adwords spend for over 140 different clients. After a year working for Google, he got really good at making his clients huge returns on their advertising spend so he decided to start his own Pay Per Click Agency.
Jeremy has spent the last year running his agency and recently moved to Miami in October, 2014. After meeting Terence and the rest of the NoRiskSEO team at the Small Business Expo, he was offered a full time position with the company in February. Jeremy jumped on the opportunity to partner with the top SEO Agency in Florida to help NoRiskSEO become the industry leader in Digital Marketing for many years to come.

Professional Team

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Denise Corlew

Content Production Manager

Melissa Pennington

Content Production
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Niki Szabo

PPC Manager
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Michael Stearns

Content Writer
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Heather Young

Content Writer
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Lina Roby

Content Writer
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Billy Bush

Content Writer
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Elisabeth McDowell

Content Writer
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Dave Murphy

Content Writer
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Kerrie Acevedo

Content Writer
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Ashtian Bergquist

Content Writer
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Debbie Arogeti

Web Administrator
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Margie Riley

Content Writer
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Joseph Davidson

Content Writer
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Amy Rodriguez

Content Writer

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