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PPC Management for eCommerce Website – Case Study #3

ppc management for ecommerce

NoRiskSEO.com eCommerce PPC Results Case Study #3:

PPC management for eCommerce websites are extremely competitive. Especially when it is a national campaign spending over $200k+ per month.

So many times, we hear that adwords does not work. We beg to differ. Why would our client spend nearly a quarter million dollars per month on something if it didn't work? If you believe adwords does not work, let us show you this clients ROI of over 500% on their campaign with a huge spend. Meaning, we do not cherry pick the high performing keywords (the budget would not be so high if we did this).

Scaleability is huge, we were able to spend large amounts while keeping ROI favorable. This is what true PPC experts do on a daily

Compared to the previous PPC management company, we were able to increase conversion rates by over 50%. See data below to see how we run this campaign. For more information on the service, view PPC management campaign for eCommerce websites.


ppc management for ecommerce

By Wilbur Hilton on July 21, 2017

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