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SEO Tips for Bloggers

SEO Tips for Bloggers

It’s no secret that blogging is a great way to connect with other people, collaborate with companies, and make a difference in the world. The more interesting and SEO optimized your blog is, the more people will read it, like it, share it, and tweet it. That means more people will see it and follow you, which increases your influence in the world. Many bloggers have found that a successful blog is an excellent way to earn extra income, but it doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re feeling frustrated because you’ve been consistent with your blog, are passionate about what you’re writing, but just aren’t seeing any results from your labors, you are part of a large group of people who simply need a little bit of help getting noticed. The following SEO tips will help you be more aware of what to do when blogging so that not only will your audience love what you write, but more people will notice it and want to share it.

Carefully Plan Ahead

Never post something you thought of in the moment. Plan what your blog will be about ahead of time, create an outline, and do some research on what you can add. Personal stories and experiences that many people can relate to but are too afraid to admit always strike a chord with the general public. Put yourself out there, be vulnerable, and create your blog, social media captions, and Pinterest posts ahead of time. Apps like Tailwind and Planoly for Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful time savers. You can plan and create content within a block of time during the week and then sit back and relax while these apps post for you. This way, you won’t be stressing about posting content every day and at the optimum times, because it will already be working for you. Don’t forget to include a call to action at the end of your blog. Ask a question, invite them to share the blog, or tag you in a post. It doesn’t have to be anything big, the point is to prime your readers and start getting them used to being asked to do something, so that when you do ask for something big like “buy my online e-course,” they’re ready.

Blog Structure

Every blog post should have an introduction, a body with clear, defined paragraphs with topic headings or bullet points, and a conclusion that brings everything together. Try to sum up your main points and reference back to your introduction at the end. Keep your article at just the right length. It must be over 300 words to feel like a blog post, but can’t be too long, or people will lose interest. Try to keep it somewhere between 300-1000 words for optimal length. Consistency is key! At NoRiskSEO, we help keep your blog relevant by coming up with the topics, writing the blogs, and optimizing the SEO with the best keywords. If you’re running out of time or ideas, let us help you, “The content we create for your website will be naturally keyword-rich, flow well, and will be engaging to prompt users to share your website with their friends, colleagues, or family.” Search Engine Optimization (seo) | (n.d.). Retrieved from with Relevant Blogs and Companies

Collaborate with Relevant Blogs and Companies

You want people to always be linking back to your blog and website somehow. Reach out to companies about how you can write a guest blog post for them or market their product for them while they share about your blog. Interviewing influencers and blogging about what they do is also a great way to get noticed. When they post about their feature on your blog, their readers will be able to link back to you. It’s usually a win-win for both parties when there is collaboration. However, make sure to only guest post on other sites and market for products that relate back to your mission, passion, and message. If readers start to sense that you are only blogging to make money and not to actually connect with them, they will lose interest. “Be prepared to get some rejections, particularly if you’re targeting blogs that have a huge readership. But every guest post you land will introduce your blog to a new audience and provide you with linking opportunities back to your own blog.”-Advanced SEO Tips for Bloggers

There are so many tips on how to blog and be successful. Just keep in mind that success takes time. No one who has a money-making blog or hundreds of thousands of followers and readers accomplished that overnight. Consistency, patience, and continued passion for what you do are the most important thing. Outsourcing SEO tactics to NoRiskSEO may be the smartest thing for you because it will save you stress, time, and be done correctly from the beginning. No matter what route you take, give yourself grace, and pat yourself on the back for trying to make a difference in this world for yourself and others through blogging.

By Wilbur Hilton on July 15, 2019

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