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6 Patriotic-inspired Marketing Campaigns that Made a Bang this 4th of July

4th of July is upon us and Americans are sparing no expense when it comes to the celebration. The average U.S. household spends $346.50 on food, beverages, and supplies, and the beer industry alone typically cashes in around $1 billion this time of year. With numbers like these, it’s no wonder that businesses use the 4th as a way to both show their patriotism and increase their sales. 4th of July marketing campaigns are popping up all over, and we’ve rounded up a collection of the best. Hopefully you can use them as an inspiration to help your profits blow up like fireworks.


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1. Care.com

Care.com took advantage of the looming holiday by emailing all their subscribers this list of 4th of July activities for kids. If you click on the link, it takes you to a blog post on their website that details 12 different activities you can do with your kids on the 4th. This is a great way to get people on their website- they click on the link because they’re interested in the topic of the post, and when they’re done reading they can easily click a button at the top of the page to “find childcare”. Parents get some creative ideas for ways to entertain their kids, and Care.com gets an influx of subscribers and people creating accounts to find childcare.

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2. Target

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Target used the 4th as a way to market their photography resources. It’s no secret that people tend to take more photos on holidays, so this is a great service to promote close to the 4th of July. Patriotic photography appeals to everyone; from parents wanting to take pictures of their kids waving sparklers to teenagers snapping photos of fireworks and young people celebrating with their friends at bbq’s across the country, so this promo targets a huge audience. They chose to run the promo through July 15th so people have plenty of time to sort through their photos and decide what they want to print. This marketing campaign is sure to make a bang for Target lovers everywhere.

3. Wave.video

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Wave.video sent an email reminding all users of their independence day templates. They’re customizable so any business can use them to promote their products or services, and Wave even offers a nice reminder that videos can be used to both support the holiday and engage an audience. While business owners may not have been thinking about making a patriotic promotional video before, after receiving this email you can bet they’re taking advantage of these pre-made templates that can be accessed at the click of a button. Wave also provides a list of 4th of July inspired videos for anyone needing inspiration. Well done, Wave.

4. ParkRideFlyUSA

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ParkRideFlyUSA knows that the 4th of July means many people are off work and will be using the time to travel, so they ran a marketing campaign advertising 10% off parking through the 4th. People may not have been making advance plans for parking before, but chances are after receiving this email offer they’re going to turn to ParkRideFly for all their holiday parking needs! All they have to do is click the button and parking can be reserved in a matter of minutes. Who can pass up a discount (especially when they’re already spending so much on other holiday necessities!)

5. Project Junior

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Project Junior utilized user generated content to promote the 4th in this red white and blue inspired instagram post; they regularly feature subscribers’ photos on their instagram feed, and so today they chose to feature this adorable kids’ bedroom that just happens to be done up in patriotic colors. It’s a perfect way to promote the holiday while also connecting with their audience by showcasing real rooms in their feed.

6. Jane

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Discount boutique Jane used this simple and effective patriotic marketing strategy: free shipping, because “freedom deserves to be celebrated.” This goes to show that you don’t need a creative team or a huge budget to market effectively; this simple graphic and promotion is sure to generate tons of new sales on their site, because who doesn’t like free shipping? And it doesn’t hurt that since so many people are off work during the 4th, that means they’ll have more time to scroll instagram and online shop.


What 4th of July campaigns have lit a fire for you? How do you plan to incorporate patriotism into your small business this week? Do you typically notice an increase in web traffic and sales around holidays (not just Christmas)? We’d love to hear from you! Comment in the section below!


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By Amanda Disilvestro on July 5, 2019

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